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All of our installations are completely adapted for users with reduced mobility

  • The stations are designed without obstacles or architectural barriers and with lighting, favouring accessibility and sense of security.
  • The ticket machines are accessible to the blind and those with reduced mobility, as they have Braille markings and an easy-use button. 
  • The platform doors ensure that there is no accidental or unauthorised access to the track.
  • There are lifts that connect the street to the hallways and platforms in all of the facilities. 
  • Steps with wide access for people with reduced mobility and those who find it hard to move.
  • Intercoms in the ticket machines, entrance steps, lobbies and platforms.
  • All of the trains are on low levels, which guarantees access for all users. The distance between the train and the platform is the minimum required for approved wheelchairs. 
  • Seats reserved for people with reduced mobility on all of the trains.
  • Stop request button for people with reduced mobility on all of the trains.
  • PA notice of the arrival of the train to the stations as well as any other useful travel information.
  • The door open buttons on the train are lighted. 
  • The users parking lot has spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility.
  • The Customer Service Office is adapted with a low counter. 

To be able to make the trip easier, the Seville Underground advises:

  • Access to the facilities must be carried out through the lifts.
  • Access of a maximum of 2 wheelchairs per train to guarantee safety for all users with reduced mobility. This recommendation should be noted especially at peak traffic times. 
  • If you need help or you have any type of problem or doubt, speak to a member of the Seville Underground staff or use the intercom.