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Advertising on the underground

Placing advertisements on the underground is a very effective option. Thousand of people go to work and to study using this method of transport each day. We have different types of supports available situated in strategic areas to place your advertisements and promotional acts or spectacular marketing can be carried out within the stations. We are open to any proposal that is feasible to run to increase the visibility of the advertisers products. 

Advertise on the Seville Underground.

Our users

  • Over 14 million travellers use our facilities on a yearly basis.
  • We reach 55.000 users/day on average on weekdays. 
  • 83 % of the users are fixed users and have used the underground for more than one year to carry out their day-to-day actions.   
  • Over the past year, 17% of new users have been incorporated. .
  • 44% of the users use the underground daily to go to work (travelling at least twice a day) they have superior education and are aged between 30 and 64 years old. 
  • 24% of the users use the underground daily to go to university, they are students under the age of 30. 
  • 32% of the users use the underground for frequent leisure or for shopping in the commercial areas that commutes with Line 1.

Source: User survey 2012

Our environment

The current Line 1, covering 18 km and with 21 stations, joins the metropolitan towns of Seville, Dos Hermanas, San Juan de Aznalfarache and Mairena del Aljarafe, with the province capital Seville.

It covers shopping areas with a high potential of users and has stations close to the historic centre of Seville and to the University of Seville Campus and the Pablo de Olavide University.

Advertisement supports

There are different types and sizes for supports within our facilities, summarised into the following typologies:

  • MUPIS of 1,80 X 1,20 m retro-illuminated.
  • Vinyl supports with different parameters (glass, granite or trespa) and measurements:
    • Access doors.
    • Access stairs.
    • Glass on tollbooths.
    • Landing lifts.
    • Landing grab bars.
    • Stairways between floors. .
    • Platform lifts.
    • Train access doors.
  • Stands / Sales people.
  • Vending:
    • Vending machines in stations.

Spectacular Marketing actions

On demand of clients with different products and supports, as could be:

  • Promotional, sampling actions.
  • Monographic, cultural and photographic exhibitions.
  • Promotional videos.

And on special supports:

  • Canvas on walls.
  • Hanging from the ceiling.
  • Large sized frames on foam or prefabricated tablex.
  • Vinyl on glass pavilions, partial use, in the entrance to the underground stations.
  • Vinyl on access floors, landings and platforms. 

Advertisements on trains

  • Micro perforated vinyl on trains (partial themes):
    • Exterior spaces.
    • Interior windows.
    • Other advertisements in the interior, on demand

Advertisements on maps, timetables, tickets

Your adverts can appear on pocket maps, in the various information brochures or even on the back of the tickets with no contact, in multiple formats and in two types of materials, card and PVC.

Commercial shops

The Seville Underground does not initially offer shops for commercial use, but if you are interested or you have an idea to place your business within our facilities, contact us and your proposal will be studied, of course.


More information. Contracting and advertisement rates:
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