Domingos y festivos

7:30 a 23:00 horas.

Whatsapp Atención al Cliente


Atendemos tus consultas por WhatsApp en aquí de 8:00h a 22:00h lunes a viernes y de 10:00h a 22:00h fines de semana y festivos.

Claims and Complaints

The Seville Underground will attend the claims and complaints sended by this web form, but if you want to fulfill an Official Claim, you must ask for the claims and complaints book, that are available at the customer Service Office or any of the Seville Underground stations.

The Seville Underground has claims and complaints forms at the disposition of those who may require them.

To carry out this action, users must contact the Customer Service Office or any of the other Seville Underground Line 1 stations and ask for the claims and complaints book. This document must be filled out within the underground facilities.

If you have a query or suggestion you can carry these out directly through the web page by clicking on both  Queries and Suggestions, or ask at the Customer Service Office.