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Service working with normallity


De lunes a jueves

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De lunes a viernes: de 8:30 a 20:30 horas. Sábados, domingos y festivos: de 10:30 a 20:30 horas.

Quality and Environment


Metro de Sevilla Sociedad Concesionaria de la Junta de Andalucía, S.A. (en adelante Metro de Sevilla), (from now on, Seville Underground), performs the management operation of the entire infrastructure of the Line 1 of the Seville underground, whose main objective is to achieve the satisfaction of our customer/users with a sustainable, efficient, clean, safe and profitable transport system.

Seville Underground considers the service quality and the environmental quality of it as the basis for the proper conduct of its activities, ensuring compliance with the requirements of our customers/users.

To achieve system implementation, the Board of Directors provides all necessary human and material resources to achieve service compliance, not to mention the legal requirements like those of our customers/users.

Summery of objectives

  1. Communication with the customer (underground user) to meet their needs and requirements, as to achieve our main objective, to increase their satisfaction. Taking into account all of the organisations and associations that can influence the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.
  2. Achieve the contractual satisfaction of the Administration Granter (as a promoter of the concession agreement), according to the quality parameters and quality ratios set forth in the Tender documents of the contract.
  3. Achieve the participation of all of the staff members of the Seville Underground so that the correct implementation of the Management System is carried out, taking into account the suggestions from workers that influence the continuous improvement of the system.
  4. Improve the management of waste generated within our facilities. To do so, good fluid communication will be held with each of the companies responsible for managing, using, where possible, measures for the reduction, recovery and recycling of them. 
  5. Use, whenever possible, recycled and/or recyclable products, as well as teach all of the staff about energy saving (impact on the environment and in-house).
  6. Analyse, control and mitigate, where possible, the emissions of noise contamination that the transport service may cause, with strict collaboration with the technicians of the Grantor Authority and the Ministry of Environment.
  7. Carry out planning and the adequate control that will support the reduction of the nonconformities of the program established in the Quality and Environmental Plan and therefore, minimise the Corrective Actions.
  8. The different companies that work with the Seville Underground, must accept and collaborate with our Quality and Environment Policy.

The Seville Underground Board of Directors is committed to protecting the environment through compliance with the legislation, regulations and own requirements, which include the continuous improvement in environmental performance and in significant environmental aspects of our business.

Likewise, it is considered that the quality and respect for the environment must be applied from all of the divisions and departments, like for example, all of the people that work at the Seville Underground.

Seville Underground is committed to the continuous improvement of the Management of Quality and Environment System, beginning with its implementation according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004, and obtaining the corresponding certificate in the coming months.

In Sevilla, on the 21st January 2010
Jesús Díez Fernández
General Director
Metro de Sevilla S.C.J.A., S.A.