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Let people out before you enter the train, the lifts and the stairways. Remember that people with difficulty getting around have priority and right of way, respect the spaces reserved for these and make the trip more enjoyable for everyone.

Getting on or off of the train

Presta atención a la señal acústica de cierre de puertas, cuando suene abstente de subir o bajar del tren ¡Recuerda que situarte entre las puertas o interponer algún objeto no impedirá su cierre!

Arriving at the destination station

Pay attention to the alarm of the closing doors, when it rings refrain from getting on or off of the train. Remember that putting yourself or an object between the doors will not stop them from closing!

Does your card have credit?

Before you use the underground, make sure that your cash card has enough credit on it for the journey that you are going to carry out, or that you have enough money or a bank card to be able to top the card up in the ticket machine at the exit. This is very important when your journey involves various hops that you had not thought about beforehand. d.

Stop button for PRM notice

People with reduced mobility have at their disposal a button to alert the driver that they are going to get off of the train and it is situated next to the seats reserved for PRM. The button must be pressed before the train reaches the destination station.

Access to the platform and the train

The people with reduced mobility, users that carry a bicycle, baby pram, shopping trolley, luggage or any other object of large dimensions must access through the special wide barriers and through the trains double doors, that are clearly marked.

Travelling with a bicycle

If you are travelling with a bicycle you must get information of the timetables and transport conditions before boarding the train, ask the underground staff or use the intercom so that they can guide you.


- Access should be done exclusively through the steps marked for that purpose.

- Access to the train will always be carried out through the platform and trains double doors, signalled by a blue sticker (PMR-BICI)

- At peak time, from 7:30 to 9:30 and from 12:30 to 15:30, the Seville Underground staff will allow the access of 2 bicycles per train in the Ciudad Expo, San Juan Bajo, Pablo de Olavide, Condequinto and Olivar de Quintos stations, access is not allowed in the rest of the stations. There are no restrictions at other times, provided that the general conditions are met.

- Folded bicycles are subject to the consideration of packages (100 x 60 x 25 cm.), with no restriction on them.

- The Underground staff will not allow the access of bicycles when they deem this necessary to guarantee the comfort and safety of all passengers.

- The access of bicycles is forbidden on special services.

Food and drink

It is forbidden to eat and drink on the trains and in the Seville Underground facilities.


It is forbidden to take photographs and videos on the trains and in the Seville Underground facilities without express authorisation.

To request authorisation, contact the Department of Communication and Image through the following email address mdscomunicacion@metrodesevilla.es.

No smoking

It is forbidden to smoke on the trains and in the Seville Underground facilities.

Baby strollers

In peak traffic periods, baby strollers must be folded when in the facilities for the comfort of the rest of the users.

And remember, when you validate your ticket, try not to block the step sensor with the stroller as to not block the screens that allow access.

Travelling with animals

You cannot travel with animals, neither in cages or regulated containers, with the exception of security personnel dogs and guide dogs for people with disabilities. In this last case, all accredited documentation for the animal should be at hand.

Multiple validations with the same ticket

If you travel with more people and you use the same ticket, remember that once you have passed the barrier, you cannot validate the other persons trip from that side.

Once you have passed through the barrier, the machine will detect fraud and close down.

Electric stairs

To give way to other passengers, stand to the right hand side. Stay alert until the end of the journey, facing the direction of travel and holding on to the handrail to avoid accidents.

Do not stop at the end of the stairway and continue to move forward as to not block the exit for other passengers.

Pay special attention if you are wearing long garments and make sure that they do not touch the edge of the steps to avoid them getting stuck or stained.

Forbidden entries

The access to the conductors cabin is completely forbidden, except for authorised persons.

Staff indications

You must attend at all times the indications given by the Seville Underground staff.

Travelling with children

Children under the age of three travel for free.

Remember that it is the parents’ responsibility to supervise young children. You must take special care in lifts, do not allow the children to lean against the glass doors as this can cause accidents. Look after the young children that are travelling with you at all times, holding their hand is a good form of precaution.

Claims and complaints

You can file your claims and complaints in the Customer Service Office or in any of the lines stations. The company operating the service has a maximum of ten working days, from the receipt of the complaint, to give a reasoned response. The documents must be filled out in the Seville Underground facilities.


According to the Regulation Article 41 of the Service Regulation, failure of users meeting the obligations, prohibitions and mandates shown in the Service Regulation Act are considered as infractions and will be sanctioned according to current legislation.