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Who we are

Metro de Sevilla Sociedad Concesionaria de la Junta de Andalucía S.A., was created in 2003 for the draft of this project, to carry out the work and commercial exploitation of the Interurban Line 1 of the Seville Underground.

On the 2nd of April 2009, Line 1 was partially opened and from the 23rd of November of the same year, the entire line is in operation, serving an estimated population of 230.000 habitants and functioning as an important link for communication and commuting between the metropolitan area and the city.

Today, the Metro de Sevilla aims to be the main public transport in the metropolitan area and achieve that the underground becomes a socially sustainable means of transport.

Our objective is to improve the agility of commuting within the city of Seville and its affluent areas. We want to be a nice transport that facilitates communication, commutes and the users quality of life; and enhance the external image of Seville, which is already integrated in the privileged international network of cities with an underground.